Directly from Meathenge Labs – Grilled Chicken Noodle Soup

Disclaimer: I shopped for this meal, I prepped this meal, I cooked this meal and I photographed this meal with a fever, with hacks, coughs and a flowy nose. Expect a few errors, expect some oddities. Just so you know.
Chicken noodle soup is one of those recipes where everyone has their own way of doing it, and it’s the only way. If it’s not their way? Rubbish! Yeah well simmer down now because this recipe is most probably some place you’ve never been. I need you to pay attention because there are some finer point where you’ll go wandering off and not get the expected results. It isn’t just about grilling chicken, then making soup with it, no sir.
Would you like to come play?

Here’s your grocery shoppin’s:
Chicken breasts (or whatever part you enjoy) 2 – good sized ones
Chicken broth – a quart or so
Carrots -2, peeled
Celery – 2 stalks
Onion – 1 – I used a white one
Butter – 2 nice pats
Bay Leaf – 1
Thyme – scant teaspoonful
Cayenne Pepper – to taste (a lot)
s&p – as you like it
Pasta – whatever you like, a few cuppas
While I just gave you a recipe, please don’t be a robot about it. Stick and move.
First off, get your grill’s fire going, a nice hot one. Prep the chicken parts in extra virgin and good salt, set aside.
Small dice your veggies and saute in 1 pat of butter until onion is translucent. Add herbs (break bay leaf in half), then broth. Stir it, look at it. Does it have the right ratio for chicken soup for you? I had to add another stalk of celery for mine. Simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. When done, add the last pat of butter. Start with butter, finish with butter.
Here’s the tricky part. Since we’re using chicken and not pork butt, it’s going to cook fast and won’t get much time for smoky love. So, you need to be able to sear this chicken so it gets all caramelly and jack the wood chips for max smoke action. This is key.

Notice the smoky love? Yes, you do. Cook the chicken and set aside.
Here are a few points I believe are important. You need to get enough flavor in the soup stock mixture as possible. So, tweak with salt as necessary. This is why I chose to add the herbs, I don’t usually. The butter is very, very important. Not only does it give the soup a rich texture, but butter is a flavor muter. This means any harsh flavors from the herbs will go away.
Adjust cooking so that the pasta is the last item done. Pasta needs to be used immediately, not 20 minutes later. Grab bowl, put in a few large spoonfuls of pasta. Add diced chicken parts, pour soup base over all. Finish with a few undoused chicken pieces and cayenne.

xo, Biggles

13 thoughts on “Directly from Meathenge Labs – Grilled Chicken Noodle Soup

  1. Your secret is out in the OPEN! And I’m gonna root-a-toot it! You didn’t include the generous portion of “decongestant” in your ingredients list but we all know now that’s what makes your soup so special! Plus, I think your monkey pal might have added some coconut he’s not talking about!

  2. Kevin,
    Sheet yeah! I combined the leftovers and tried it all together on the next few days. Perfection. The mac got a little wobbly, but that’s how that goes. Ya know?

  3. if you cook the pasta in the broth as it boils a bit, it will soak up the love and taste super good.

  4. Hey HillBoy,
    Yeah, totally hip. But that’s exactly what I wanted to avoid. I wanted all the broth in the bowl. Was looking for more than 3 dimensions of flavors in the finished product. Kinda like Pho, Vietnamese noodle soup. Soup base, then add in fresh peppers, herbs & vegetables. What you end up with is a divergence of flavors in your mouth that makes you sing!
    While the leftovers were outstanding, the pasta had soaked up the broth, the chicken had done the same, the pasta had soaked up the smoky flavors and so on. It was something I’ve never even remotely had or heard of, it wasn’t what I was shooting for. But dang, it was GREAT.

  5. sounds very good.
    i always like to add some bacon or ham to my chicky shnoodle…..
    love the blog.

  6. I was just drooling over at and landed upon this chocolate-bacon sorbet, which actually sounds divine. I knew the meathengers would want to check it out:
    Also, I have not forgotten that I need to look for the pot roast in marinara recipe, but I just moved so it could be a while. Glad you are all recovering. That chicken soup looks fabulous, and you are right, cayenne is THE best decongestant.

  7. You are so brave, to turn out such a wizard soup when you really needed somebody else to cook for YOU……Can’t wait to see how Shazza’s pot roast in marinara compares with that which shall remain nameless……Hope all of y’all are well by now.

  8. Holy fnorking shiznit. This crud ain’t going away!
    I remember a few years ago I had something similar. It took 4 weeks to go away, 4 bleedin’ weeks. Yesterday it moved from my ears in to my sinus cave. Now my skull bone is sore. My eyes are sore and when I chew, my teeth bones hurt. Older boy is going through exactly the same.
    At work today, this will make 4 work days in 2 weeks. Ugh.

  9. Everyone I know is sick with this vicious thing! Feel better soon. And chilis do help.
    I also like to make this tisane when I’m sick…brew in plain water – ginger, black pepper and jaggery (or brown sugar). That’ll blow open the sinuses. Lots of peppery bite, and they are warming spices.
    But of course chicken soup is a must.

  10. You’ve been out of sight. I thought for sure, or maybe, you had found a girlfriend, woman friend,what ever it is. Instead you and Zach found a cold, flu, goo, bad, whatever it is. I am sorry to hear. Your soup, m, m, m good. Patience…