Meathenge’s White Trash Spaghetti Soup

Only recently have I started making spaghetti soup again, and it’s as divine as I remember. Over 20 years ago my Uncle Ralph made it for me and it’s about as simple to make as a glass of milk. But just because it’s simple and trashy, don’t mean it won’t deliver an absolutely rich, warm and filling meal that everyone will adore as much as we do.
You know how you, like, have leftovers when you make a red sauce spaghetti type situation? Sometimes there’s pasta left over too, but I’m talking about the red sauce leftovers. Put it in a pot, add enough chicken stock or broth to bring it to a soup consistency. Either use the leftover pasta or cook fresh. Bring to simmer, turn off and serve.
xo, Biggles

5 thoughts on “Meathenge’s White Trash Spaghetti Soup

  1. I do this backpacking with dehydrated hamburger & tomato sauce and capellini.
    The extra liquid helps rehydrate you and you also don’t sit there thinking “this stuff is better at home” like you do if you cook it like regular pasta.
    I dig the ‘gator head near the stove.

  2. I would never have thought of this and yet I’m asking myself “why the heck not???” as it sounds simply delicious! Gonna try it next time I make spaghetti. Thanks!

  3. Hey Evil Greg,
    Thank you for noticing that! I was going to say something about it, but wanted to see if anyone would catch it.
    Hey Zoomie,
    I can’t say enough about how good that stuff is. But then I deeply love it’s mother dish as well, so there it is.